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Olympos Caravan Camping Sites

Olympos region of Antalya is famous for its natural beauties, historical ruins and camping opportunities. Olympos is a popular place for caravan camping. Here are some camping areas where you can camp with a caravan in Antalya Olympos:

  1. Olympos Cirali Campsite: Olympos Cirali is an ideal place for caravan camping. There are camping areas and electrical installations here. You can also enjoy the natural beauties while camping and visit the ruins of the historical city of Olympos.

  2. Kadir's Tree Houses: Kadir's Tree Houses in Olympos offers accommodation in a natural environment. You can bring your caravan here and stay in the camping area. This facility has a toilet, shower, restaurant and other facilities.

  3. Olympos Beydaglari National Park: Beydağları National Park, located around Olympos, is famous for its natural beauties. There are camping opportunities in certain areas in the national park. You can park your caravan in certain areas in nature and take nature walks here.

  4. Olympos Cable Car Campsite: Olympos Cable Car is a cable car system that goes up Tahtali Mountain. Here you can park your caravan and enjoy the magnificent nature views. The campsite has a toilet, shower and other basic facilities.

Before camping, it is important to check whether your chosen campsite requires a reservation and the facilities available. It is also important to follow nature conservation rules and keep the environment clean.


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